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Challenges We Can Face ...


Anxiety Disorders

Generalized Anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive (OCD), Phobias, Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD), and Panic Attacks - Throughout human existence we have confronted anxiety and current times are filled with many provokers. I offer psycho-education to clients helping them understand how the nervous system and brain work, including the fight/fight/freeze responses to triggers and how to move into a state of equilibrium. I utilize breath work, mindfulness, and cognitive behavior therapy. Self investigation and awareness of what triggers stress are explored and therapy applied to support ease and peace in life.



My approach to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is to provide  psycho-education about this working memory disorder. Strategies may include developing awareness of when the brain needs a break for replenishment and how best to refuel. Exploration of what overwhelms the brain with emphasis on mindfulness, pause, and reset. Other aspects of treatment can include working on self confidence, acceptance, and success with tasks/goals.

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Major Life Transitions

Career, Marriage, Divorce, Parenting, Aging, Medical Conditions/Illness. All of these, and more, can prompt one into deep thought, experiences of fear and uncertainty, and stress. Talking through concerns, finding clarity and validation, and leaning in to an empathetic ear may ease distress, allow for positive transition, and help engage more joy in life and it’s unfolding process. I can assist with establishing plans and goals, exploring options, and often support with networking additional resources.



Many life influences can lead to addiction and clients can explore aspects of their lives that warrant change to support their journey of living free from addiction. Therapy may include clear goal setting, accountability, developing awareness of triggers, and strategizing on changes that promote success and wellbeing.


Anger Management

Moving into healthy “assertion” of this strong emotion rather than being “passive”, “aggressive”, or “passive aggressive” can allow adaptive expression of intense feelings in a way that doesn’t damage relationships, property, and/or inner peace. Relationships may improve through skillful communication. Job performance and satisfaction may be enhanced. Confidence can be accentuated through healthy engagement with this powerful emotion along with learning to set and maintain reasonable boundaries.

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Personality Disorders

Various techniques are applied to address symptoms of personality disorders such as: Antisocial, Avoidant, Borderline, Dependent, and Narcissistic. I assist the client in being heard and validated. I support the client to best manage symptoms of anxiety and/or depression, if present. Helping my clients learn strategies to recognize triggering situations and/or thoughts that may create behaviors and actions that cause complications in life. Clients may benefit from wellness and mindfulness strategies.

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