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Available Services


Anxiety Therapy

As a Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional I provide clients with psycho-education to help them better understand their brains and nervous systems. This assists with developing awareness of the Fight-Flight-Freeze responses, triggers, and how to restore peace and calm. Polyvagal Informed Therapy is also incorporated in my work to help clients successfully manage dysregulated states that can cause heightened anxiety.


I have extensive training and personal experience in Mindfulness. I draw from Eastern philosophies, direct transmissions from meditation masters, science based study, and completion of a specialized program with Tara Brach, specific for therapists: RAIN  (recognize, allow, investigate, nurture). I support clients as they develop mindfulness allowing greater space and silence in their minds. I can help clients establish a meditation practice. And, I share breath techniques that clients can utilize any time of the day or night to bring about peace and regulation. These techniques are at the heart of my work in supporting clients to easily move into a regulated state, increase emotional resiliency, and find clarity.

Couples Therapy

I support clients as they work through difficult problems, develop better communication skills, find positive places of resonance, and regain trust and intimacy. Some couples find a renewed sense of commitment and satisfaction. Navigating parenting challenges can be a topic of focus in therapy, too. Often couples will seek pre-marital counseling that offers benefits for navigating this special life transition.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

CBT investigates thoughts and mental filters that can cause distortions and stress. Core beliefs can surface in a safe space to evaluate and transform any that may be problematic or limiting. Mindfulness practices are shared and encouraged as means to develop more awareness of thoughts, sensations and behaviors that may go along with these core beliefs. Clients can learn to let thoughts arise and pass without getting caught in distress. Shifting distorted beliefs to healthier, positive thinking can relieve anxiety, depression, panic, and insomnia, to name a few. 

Positive Psychology

I always look for, and affirm, the positive aspects in each client. Therapy can uproot meaning and purpose in life. This leads to joy and a deep sense of fulfillment which promotes positive mental health and wellness. I strive to support clients to engage optimism and hope in every session. Celebrating gratitude in one’s life is often a homework exercise. Together we can investigate personal attributes and accomplishments and bring those to the forefront. Clients can orient their lives towards engaging with their positives to bring about harmony, accomplish goals, and find greater fulfillment in life.


 I can assist with assessment and goal setting pertaining to diet, exercise, sleep, and substance use/addiction. Anti-inflammatory diets may assist to improve anxiety and depression symptoms. Sufficient, quality sleep is so important for overall good mental health and I can help you develop healthy sleep habits. Exercise supports the body and mind in numerous positive ways and together we can focus on developing a plan that promotes enjoyment and vitality. 



Religious and Spiritual concerns are often at the heart of issues that bring someone to counseling. Various situations in life can create existential pondering and at times a feeling of crisis. Counseling is a safe and welcoming place to discuss larger questions such as “What is the meaning of life” and “What is my purpose?” Many people find solace in talking through (verbalizing) and organizing thoughts which can bring heart opening and warmth. I have a diverse background in multiple spiritual and religious practices including Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Native American.

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