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Counseling can offer you an opportunity to explore the challenges that life brings in a safe and supportive environment, while providing tools that can benefit your growth and wellness. 


Cindy provides mental health counseling services to individuals and couples. She offers convenient Teletherapy (online) and home visits for elderly, disabled, and end-of life care. Licensed in Colorado and Texas. Sliding fee scale.

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Individual therapy allows you the opportunity to explore your concerns in a safe and confidential environment with focus on your specific concerns.  It can be a dynamic journey of self-exploration that can lead to greater awareness, peace, and happiness in life.

Relationship dynamics are filled with complexities that can sometimes  seem impossible to resolve. Therapy can be a safe and comfortable space to uncover challenges, learn techniques to enhance communication, create goals, and ultimately establish  connection in a more healthy and harmonious way.

"When we are no longer able to change a situation,

 we are challenged to change ourselves."     

                                                                     ~Viktor Frankl

Man's Best friend

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