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Embrace your journey towards greater wellness

Cindy Garcia and Compassionate Care Counseling offer Services for Individuals and Couples - Discover how counseling can be your safe haven for exploring life's challenges. It's a space where support meets practical tools, all designed to nurture your growth and wellness. 

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Cindy Garcia

You Path to a better life starts with YOU

Services Offered 

Explore a range of transformative therapies tailored to your unique journey towards wellness and balance. From the focused strategies of Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment and Cognitive Behavior Therapy to the reflective practices of Mindfulness and Spirituality, each approach offers a path to greater self-understanding and peace. Delve into Positive Psychology for an uplifting perspective, Couples Therapy for relationship enrichment, and Wellness for overall health and harmony. Discover more about each therapy on my services page and find the perfect fit for your journey.

Issues We Can Address Together

Therapy services offer compassionate and effective support for a wide range of challenges. Whether you're navigating the complexities of Anxiety Disorders, grappling with the unique demands of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or undergoing Major Life Transitions, I provide tailored guidance. My expertise extends to helping individuals overcome Addiction, find solace and strength in dealing with Grief and Loss, manage Anger effectively, and understand the nuances of Personality Disorders. Each condition has its own dedicated page on this website, offering deeper insights and outlining how I can assist you on your path to healing and balance.




Behaivioral Therapy
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Individuals or Couples


Individual Therapy

Individual therapy allows you the opportunity to explore your concerns in a safe and confidential environment with focus on your specific concerns.  It can be a dynamic journey of self-exploration that can lead to greater awareness, peace, and happiness in life.

Telehealth counseling services w ith Cindy Pearson-Garcia


Relationship dynamics are filled with complexities that can sometimes  seem impossible to resolve. Therapy can be a safe and comfortable space to uncover challenges, learn techniques to enhance communication, create goals, and ultimately establish  connection in a more healthy and harmonious way


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